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Marble Floor polishing CompanyPolishing Your Marble Floor - Florida Marble Restoration specializes in Marble, Terrazzo and most other Natural Stone floor polishing and restoration projects. We can Polish your Marble floors to show thier true rich natural grain, call today for a FREE Quote from a marble care professional. Our qualified tradesmen will bring out the brilliant shine your floors once had, with no mess. You, your friends and family will be amazed at the transformation from your current dull dingy marble floors, to a beautifully restored better than new appearance. Having your floors diamond polished by a professional makes all the difference in the shine that is achieved.

polishing a scratched marble floor Marble Scratch and Stain Removal - Over the years, your marble floorsmay become scratched and stained, showing signs of wear. Florida Marble Restoration uses the most modern marble polishing equipment that can undo years of these accidental mistakes; we can make the bad things go away. Most marble scratches and stains are completely removed--even the very dirty ones you thought could never come out. With Florida Marble Restoration's marble polishing and repair process, your marble floors can be polished and restored more affordably than ever. Let our experts fix the damage, no one will ever know.

a dirty marble floor being cleaned Cleaning Dirty Marble Floors - The first thing people notice when entering your home is your marble and natural stone flooring. If your marble floor is graying from tiny layers of dirt slowly building up over the years, you may not even see what your visitors notice. It's time to bring back the beautiful look of your marble floors natural brilliance. We're the most affordable marble floor restoration and polishing service in Florida; pictures help show how beautiful your floor can be, and a FREE Quote from a professional marble contractor will show you just how affordable it can be.

We are a real licensed & insured marble, terrazzo and natrual stone
flooring contractor, and not an answering service.

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Cape Coral & Ft Myers ~ Ft Lauderdale ~ Tallahassee
Jacksonville & Gainesville ~ Miami & The Keys ~ Orlando & Daytona
Space Coast ~ Pensacola & Panama City ~ Tampa & St Pete
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We are the most affordable Marble Polishing,
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